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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

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dusan1.jpg Hello,
My name is Dušan. I'm mountain guide UIAGM, and the instructor of mountaineering and rock climbing,. I am currently in the MAMMUT MOUNTAINEERINIG TEAM. I have decided to do lecturing an climbing and have found this climbing school to teach my clients how to climb right and safe.

I have received the Acreditation of the Slovak School Department for basic mountaineering courses 17th June 2003. I offer the lectures of climbing for beginners and for advanced; basic courses on the rocks and in the mountains; weekends of climbing on rocks and in the mountains for the individuals, teams and for the whole families with children.

There have been hundreds of frequentants in the Mountaineering school not just from Slovakia, but from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Germany till today. More than two thirds of them are still climbing.

I am working as the member of the Methodic-security commission of the Slovak mountaineering union JAMES since the year 2003. I am organising the outdoor activities for companies. Organizations and individuals persons near basic and approving courses.


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