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14.01.2018-20.01.2018 (announced - zaplatené: 2 nezaplatené: 0)
High Tatras winter course (accredited)
Experience the real mountaineering in the district of "Chata pri Zelenom plese" (Cottage at the Green Pool)! Learn to deal with snow, névé, ice and mixed terraine! You will learn how to use winter mountaineering gear correctly, get good orientation in the terraine and choose the best tactic...

19.01.2018-21.01.2018 (announced - zaplatené: 12 nezaplatené: 0)
Avalanche course
For all lovers of winter sports, high altitude trekking, mountaineering and/or skialpinism who want to learn or revise rules of safe progression in snow terraines, indentify dangerous snow, evaluate the risk of an avalanche and be able to help those struck by an avalanche. The course takes place at ...

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