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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

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Climbing in ice and mixed terraines in The High Tatras


Lezenie vľadoch VT

For anyone wanting to just try it out as well as those seeking to improve at it. The course takes place at "Chata pri Zelenom plese" (Cottage at the Green Pool) and its surroundings in The High Tatras. You will learn and improve your techniques of ice climbing and mix climbing.
 Number of persons in this course: maximum 2


Friday arrival, lodging, course opening by 8p.m., discussion, presentation - ice climbing hardware, anchoring in ice.
Saturday basics of progression in ice and mixed terraines, belaying, demonstration - climbing, discussion, presentation - characteristics of snow and ice, belay stations and use of protection.
Sunday climbing in ice and mix - use of different techniques, ending the course at 5p.m.

We will lend specialized literature and gear.

Course price (for person):

EURO     499 € /osoba 

Insurance for the case of an injury: not included in the price
Accomodation (half board) at mountain cottages: included in the price

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