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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

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Glacier course in the Alps


Alpy fotoIn the area of Grossglockner. For anyone wanting to learn how to safely progress on a glacier and at the same time ascend one of the surrounding peaks (3000-3500m).
Number of persons in this course: minimum 2.


Day1: arrival at a cottage, opening the course
Day2: presentation - basics of progression on a glacier; demonstration - climbing on a glacier
presentation - mountaineering hardware and equipment, essentials of belaying and using protection on a glacier
Day4: performance - taking steps after a fall into a crevasse, health issues
Day5: ascent on one of the surrounding peaks (3000-3500m)
Day6: return home

We will lend mountaineering gear

Course price (for a person):

EURO        990 €
Price for graduates of the basic Rockstar courses
(for a person)

EURO        899 €

Insurance for the case of an injury: not included in the price
Accomodation at mountain cottages: included in the price
Catering (half board): included in the price
Transport to the spot: not provided

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