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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

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Progression in mountain terraines in winter conditions (High Altitude Hiking)



A course for all lovers of High Altitude Hiking wanting to learn how to safely progress in snowy, icy and mixed terraines, how to anchor in them in the correct way, how to avaluate avalanche risk, plan and realize a winter mountain hike and manage crucial situations (e.i. breaking a fall, taking steps after a fall into a crevasse etc). The course takes place in The High Tatras - at "Chata pri Zelenom plese" (Cottage at the Green Pool) and its surroundings.
Number of persons in this course: minimum 4

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Friday arrival at the cottage by 6p.m., lodging, opening the course, inspection of the necessary gear, division into groups. Presentation - winter hardware and equipment, walking and belaying in snow and on ice, nevé, and glacier. Making a bivouac - planned and emergency one, snow shelters.
Saturday practice outdoors - weather in mountains - wind directions and their consequences on the weather, cloud types and weather changes.
theory on snow and the avalanche - snow types, characteristics, moves of snow and snow layers. Taking steps after a fall into a crevasse. On spot practice.
Monday Outdoor exercise - tactics in High Altitude Hiking. Health issues in mountaineering and High Altitude Hiking - acclimatization, altitude sickness, rules of reporting an accident, first aid for the most frequent injuries in mountains, hypothermia, transporting an injured, necessary medical equipment. Ending the course at 4p.m.



Course price (for person):

231 €
accommodation with half board: included in the price
Insurance for the case of an injury: not included
In addition we offer:
rental equipment price list

Minimal necessary gear:

Clothing - appropriate for the season, sturdy shoes, extra gloves and hat
Hardware - rope, sit-harness, chest-harness, helmet, two 60cm slings, one 120cm sling, two piece prusik (in length of 4m untied each, in width of minimum 4mm, recommended is 5mm), one HMS carabiner, two screw gate carabiners, ice axe, crampons, avalanche probe*, avalanche rescue transceiver*, snow shovel*, nevé shovel*, nevé piton*, snow plough*
*It is not necessary that everyone has these - it will be enough to have a piece for a team of three.
Part of the above hardware necessary for the practice can be had for a fee (which differs according to kind)

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