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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

Courses - program, fee

On the rocks of the Manin Valley (accredited course)


kurzy na skalách v Manínskej úžineLots of climbing in the best rock climbing area in Slovakia, where you will learn basics of climbing and mountaineering activities. You will get into mysteries of mountaineering hardware and equipment, essentials of belaying and using protection. You will experience climbing in slabs, chimneys, cracks and overhangs. On your own - you will be able to solve situations after a fall resulting in an injury and give first aid. After passing final exams you receive a certificate and are ready to enter rock climbing territories and climb on your own.


Friday meeting, lodging, opening the course by 6p.m.
Saturday presentation - basics of mountaineering, entering protected territories and climbing sectors, demonstration of climbing, evening bonfire
Sunday presentation - mountaineering hardware and equipment, basics of belaying and using protection, practice and climbing; watching a film on rock climbing
Monday presentation - techniques of climbing and using protection, practice; training of climbing techniques
Tuesday presentation - basics of rescuing one's partner, first aid and health issues in mountaineering, training of climbing and belaying
Wednesday training of climbing and belaying, self-rescue techniques
examination of acquired skills and knowledge, climbing, evening bonfire
Friday return home

Lending of mountaineering literature and gear is taken for granted; in case of bad weather - climbing indoors

Course price (for a person) :

EURO 299
Insurance for the case of an injury: included in the price
Sleeping in the premises of the mountaineering school: one's own sleeping bag
Catering (half board) is provided on order at a cost of 11€ a day
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