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Pilier na Žltú Kôpku (Základný kurz zimná časť)

Courses - program, fee

Avalanche course


foto zo semináraFor all lovers of winter sports, high altitude trekking, mountaineering and/or skialpinism who want to learn or revise rules of safe progression in snow terraines, indentify dangerous snow, evaluate the risk of an avalanche and be able to help those struck by an avalanche. The course takes place at "Chata pri Zelenom plese" (Cottage at the Green Pool) and its surroundings in The High Tatras.Number of persons in this course: minimum 4.


Arrival at the cottage, lodging, course opening - by 6p.m., inspection of necessary gear, division into groups


Theory on snow and the avalanche - snow types, characteristics, moves of snow and snow layers. Evaluating quality of snow fall and the risk of an avalanche in terraines oriented in different ways (north-south) and sloping at different angles. Taking steps after an avalanche fall - giving help, organizing a rescue operation, searching for avalanche victims using avalanche rescue transceivers and.


practice in searching for avalanche victims using avalanche rescue transceivers and probes.

Course price (for a person):

EURO 204 €
Insurance for the case of an injury: included in the price
Accomodation and catering at mountain cottages: included in the price


Minimal necessary gear:

Clothing - appropriate for the season, sturdy shoes, extra gloves and hat
Hardware - ice axe, crampons, avalanche probe, avalanche rescue transceiver, snow shovel
Part of the above hardware necessary for the practice can be had for a fee (which differs according to kind)
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